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Bergenfield Police Department Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: How do I obtain an accident report?

A: Involved parties in motor vehicle accidents may obtain a copy of a Motor Vehicle Accident report by calling, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by visiting the Records Bureau during operation hours.


Q: I need to park my car on the street overnight, who do I call (Short Term Parking)?

A: You can register your vehicle using our online portal here -

You may also call 201-387-4000, after 8pm, 7 days a week. You must speak to someone at the police desk.


Q: I need to park my car on the street for more than one night, who do I call(Long Term Parking)?

A: Parking for more than one consecutive day will require visiting the police desk in person.  A Long Term Parking Permit Form must be filled out, which we 
will provide for you.  We also require to see documentation showing the reason you need your vehicle parked on the street(Ex. Driveway Repave, Dumpster in Driveway, construction etc).


Q: How do I obtain a dumpster/POD Permit? What information will I need?

A: Dumpsters/POD permits can be obtained by visiting the Records Bureau during operation hours. See below download:

Q: What are the steps to applying for a Firearms ID Card/Pistol Purchase Permit?

A: As of February 2019, the firearms application process is done online. The instructions are on the FARS Website -

Q: I need a good character letter/police clearance. How do I obtain one?

A: Good character/conduct letters are provided for current and previous Bergenfield residents only. You must come in person to the Bergenfield Police Records Window with picture ID that shows valid proof of address, and proof of previous residency if you have moved out of Bergenfield.

Q: I installed an alarm system in my house/business, do I need to register it?

A: Yes. Alarms are registered annually for a fee of $25.00. See below download:

Q: How do I get my child’s car seat checked?

A: You may call the Police Traffic Bureau for an appointment at 201-387-4000 ext. 4109.

Q: How do I obtain a temporary handicap placard?

A: See the below downloadable file and complete the form with your doctor. You must bring the form to Bergenfield PD along with valid ID with the check – made payable to NJDMV.

Q: Where is the medicine drop off box located? When may I drop them off?

A: The medicine drop off box is located in the Borough Hall Lobby, located at 198 N. Washington Avenue. No liquids or needles permitted. Access to the medicine drop off box is 24/7.

Q: How do I provide the police department with emergency contact and special needs information for my household?

A: Complete the below downloadable file and email to the Records Bureau, or submit it in person to the Records Bureau window.

Q: I’m going away/vacation, can I let the police know to keep an eye on my house?

A: Yes. Complete the downloadable form and submit in person with I.D.

[form needs to be supplied]

Q: Can I get fingerprinted by the Bergenfield Police?

A: Fingerprinting is done for Bergenfield residents who are seeking out of state employment only. You must call the Detective Bureau for an appointment at 201-387-4000 ext. 4011. All other fingerprinting is done by visiting

Q: How do I report a street light out in my neighborhood?

A: Contact the main desk at 201-387-4000 and give the location of the street light. You can also log into PSEG website to report the outage.

Q: My pet is missing, who do I call?

A: Contact the main desk at 201-387-4000.

Q: I am a victim of identity theft, what do I do?

A: Gather any documents showing the Identity theft activity and bring them along with your ID to the Police Department.

Q: Does the Bergenfield Police department do security assessments for its residents or local businesses?

A: Security assessments can be done by calling the detective bureau at 201-387-4000 ext. 4011.

Q: How do I apply to become a school crossing guard?

A: Check our website and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for postings on when we are hiring for this position. Applications will then be available at the records window Monday – Friday between 8am and 4pm.

Q: I would like to become an Auxiliary Police Officer, what do I need to do?

A: Classes for Auxiliary Police officers are held every March. We will take applications beginning in January for persons interested in joining the Auxiliary Police for Bergenfield. You must be a Bergenfield resident or live within 5 miles of Bergenfield in a town that does not have an Auxiliary Police Unit.

Q: How do I pay my motor vehicle summons?

A: Contact the Bergenfield Municipal Court at 201-387-4055 ext. 4080 for assistance.

Q: Cars are constantly speeding down my street, what can I do?

A: For speeding cars and pedestrian crossing issues, please contact the Bergenfield Police Traffic Bureau at 201-387-4000 ext. 4008.