Police Auxiliary

Learn about the Bergenfield Police Auxiliary.

What is the Bergenfield Auxiliary Police?

In 1980, the State of New Jersey reorganized the Civil Defense and Disaster Control and renamed the organization the Office of Emergency Management (OEM). Additionally, the Police Reserves were renamed the Auxiliary Police.

The Bergenfield Auxiliary Police were established to assist the Bergenfield Police Department during normal times and times of crisis. In order to be ready to assist, we train throughout the year, under the supervision of the police department. During training and crisis, Auxiliary Police Officers have limited police powers.

Candidates, who are 18 years of age and older, undergo an extensive background investigation and interview process. Once selected, Auxiliary Police Recruits must successfully complete a 60-hour course at the Bergen County Police Academy. The classes are held at the Bergen County Police Academy in Mahwah, NJ two days a week during the evening hours. The class is held once a year usually in March and concludes in May. This course includes training in patrol functions, traffic direction, crowd control, law, first-aid, CPR, and hazardous material awareness.

Once appointed, Auxiliary Officers must continue their police education through both formal instruction and on-the-job training. Some of the annual training includes: lawful use of force, police tactics, ASP baton training, police vehicle operations, traffic directing, handcuffing training, motor vehicle laws, first aid & CPR recertification.

All officers are required to perform 8 hours of auxiliary service per month equivalent to 96 hours per year. The Auxiliary Police are also called upon to assist during special events throughout the borough such as parades, carnivals, flea markets, large school events, and other community functions. In addition to these duties, Auxiliary Officers are also called out and utilized during emergencies for crowd and traffic control, evacuations, and other police duties. At times, they have been called to assist neighboring towns with their emergencies.

If you would like more information about the organization, contact Captain John Maggi, Traffic Bureau, at 201-387-4000 ext. 4008.


Goddin, Richard Chief
Essman, Arthur Lieutenant
Euler, Mark Lieutenant
Senise, Jaques Sergeant
Guzman, Myrna Sergeant
Hogan, Patrick PO
Benabdennour, Brahim PO
Lewie, David PO
Jones, Scott PO
Rodriguez, Juan PO
Santos, Reynalda PO
Olsen, Norma PO
Albanese, Joe PO
Blandon, Natalie PO
Palau, Jefferson PO
Betancourth, William PO
Eichler II, Dean PO
Franco, Jonathan PO
Londono, Jessica PO